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Hokkaido’s second-largest city after Sapporo lies the Kamikawa Basin, Asahikawa (literary means ‘sunrise river’) is a good transport hub for Biei, Furano, Wakkanai and Abashiri or as a base for Daisetsuzan National Park.

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Exploring Central Asahikawa

Asahikawa is the location site of Miura Ayako’s most famous novel ‘Freezing Point (Hyoten)”. The city center is straddles the clear rivers and laid out in a grid pattern, with its varied attractions, bustling izakaya, ramen and craft shops.

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See Ecosystems at Asahiyama Zoo

Japan’s northernmost zoo features wildlife of Hokkaido, cold areas and Africa. Here you can watch animals such as both brown and polar bears, foxes, eagles, monkeys, tigers, wolves, deers, seals and penguins.

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Discovering the Legend of Kamikawa Ainu

Western Asahikawa is home to Kamikawa Ainu. You will find Japan’s first Ainu culture museum,  re-created small Ainu and craft villages around Chikabumi district. Kamuikotan is a legendary scenic gorge along Ishikari-gawa.

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Visiting Northern Asahikawa’s Cultural Places

From military history to stylish crafts, Northern Asahikawa offers several cultural museums and galleries.

Asahikawa City Map

List of Destinations in Asahikawa

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