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旭川 | POPULATION 334,000

Hokkaido’s second-largest city after Sapporo lies the Kamikawa Basin, Asahikawa (literary means ‘sunrise river’) is a good transport hub for Biei, Furano, Wakkanai and Abashiri or as a base for Daisetsuzan National Park.


Central Asahikawa

The city center is straddles the clear rivers with its varied attractions.

Around Asahikawa

Visiting the zoo, craft studios, scenic gorge and ski areas.

Guide Map

Getting There

TRAIN: Limited express trains run to Sapporo (1.5hrs / ¥4690) on the JR Hakodate Line, Wakkanai (3hrs 45min / ¥8360) on the JR Soya Line and Abashiri (3hrs 45min / ¥8030) on the JR Sekihoku Line. There are local trains for Furano (70min / ¥1290) via Biei (¥640) on the JR Furano Line.

BUS: Most buses depart from Asahikawa Station bus touch (tickets 7.30am-6.30pm):

Furano1hr 40min8 daily¥900
Kushiro6.5hrs2 daily¥5550
New Chitose Airport2hrs 45min3-4 daily¥3800
Obihiro4hrs4 daily¥3300
Rumoi2hrs10 daily¥1680
Sapporo2.5hrstwice hourly¥2100

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