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With an idyllic countryside, relaxed onsen, scenic coastlines and family-friendly attractions, Sapporo’s suburban sprawl makes a good excursion. Ishikari Region and its surroundings can be seen in a day trip from Sapporo.


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Visiting the Beer Breweries by Train

Real beer lovers are worth visiting the Sapporo Beer Hokkaido Brewery in Eniwa and the Kirin Beer Park in Chitose along the JR line. The best way to checking out and tasting is take the train.

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Discovering the Red Brick Buildings in Ebetsu

Japan’s top renga (red bricks) producing area founded in 1891, Ebetsu is the largest satellite city of Sapporo. There are more than 400 old and new red brick buildings throughout the city.

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Enjoying Outdoor Activities & Onsen in Shinshinotsu

Ishikari Region’s smallest agricultural village of Shinshinotsu is ideal for rural driving and family vacation. You can enjoy camping and getting into hot water around the pretty lake.

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Camping in Tobetsu

Tobetsu is the closest rural town of Sapporo, 20km to the northeast cross the Ishikari-gawa. There is a good network of Domin-no-mori in the mountains, you will spend a restful time.

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Wandering Around Ishikari Coast

The city of Ishikari is a seaside escape from Sapporo. Hokkaido’s longest river Ishikari-gawa comes here from Daisetsuzan National Park. The coastal Route 231 runs to Wakkanai, pass through the fishing villages and beaches.



TRAIN: From Sapporo JR Hokkaido serves Ebetsu, Iwamizawa, Chitose, New Chitose Airport, Tomakomai, Otaru and Ishikari-Tobetsu.

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