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Picturesque caldera lakes, attractive onsen and lakeside Ainu kotan (villages), Akan-Mashu National Park contains many of Eastern Hokkaido’s classic natural wonders. Akanko Onsen’s lakeside Ainu kotan on the western part of the park is a pleasant base for hiking in the volcanic mountains and mysterious marimo viewing for Churui-to. On the eastern side of the park, the town of Teshikaga is accessible by train from Kushiro and Abashiri.


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Visiting Akan-ko Ainu Kotan & Marimo Cruising

In the western part of Akan-Mashu National Park, Akanko Onsen area is Eastern Hokkaido’s classic tourist destination that has picturesque lakes, coniferous forest, volcanic mountains, pleasant onsen and the lakeside Ainu kotan (village). The triangle-shaped Akan-ko is best known for its marimo (spherical moss) into the lake.

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Exploring Volcanic Landscapes Around Akan-ko

Several hiking trails around Akan-ko makes a great day hike. Akan Hire offers shuttle services and private tours from Akanko Onsen. Onne-to is a beautiful cobalt-blue lake at the foot of Meakan-dake.

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Viewing the Mysterious Lake Mashu-ko

Mashu-ko is up to 211m deep and once the clearest lake in the world. Due to its rugged shores are prohibited to enter, but there are two viewpoints on the western rim for a view over the lake to the picturesque surrounding areas.

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Getting Into the Lakeside Roten-buro on Kussharo-ko

Kussharo-ko is Japan’s largest caldera lake. Visitors enjoy getting into the konyoku onsen roten-buro (free mixed open-air baths: you will need a bathing suit), camping, fishing and hiking around the shores.

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Soaking in the Acidic-rich Water in Kawayu Onsen

Located between Kussharo-ko and Mashu-ko, the small onsen town of Kawayu boasts highly acidic water supplied to the all hotels.

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Viewing Kussharo-ko from Mokoto-yama & Bihoro Pass

These two places offer breathtaking view over the beautiful caldera lake Kussharo-ko. Mokoto-yama (just 1000m) is the highest rim to the north of Kussharo-ko. Bihoro Pass is one of Eastern Hokkaido’s most scenic mountain passes.



TRAIN: Both Mashu and Kawayu-onsen (two stops apart) in Teshikaga can be reached by the JR Senmo Line. Local trains run from Kushiro (80min) and Abashiri (2hrs).

BUS: Most buses for Akan-ko are operated by Akan Bus. Abashiri Kanko Kotsu ( runs a daily bus from Obihiro to Akan-ko.

Buses to Akan-ko:

Asahikawa5hrs2 daily¥4800
Kitami70min2 daily¥1800
Kushiro1hr 50min3-4 daily¥2750
Obihiro2hrs1 daily¥2030

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