Keep in Mind

  • Beware of social media hoaxes (dema in Japanese). Unfortunately, a surprising number of locals falling into panic by social media hoaxes. Check out accurate information.
  • Sapporo Snow Festival is not related to COVID-19 spread (beware of hoaxes without scientific evidence).
  • All schools are closed (until around late March 2020; Sapporo – 16 March 2020).
  • The situation (closures and cancelled) changes day by day. Check out the latest official information.

As Usual

  • All government offices, post offices, banks, tourist information desks etc.
  • Most sopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies and DIY stores

Note: there are many places (especially tourist attractions, restaurants and shops) where business hours have temporary changed. Check out the latest information and closing time before you go.

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