Category: Rumoi

Dramatic Ofuyu Coast

At the southern side of Shokanbetsu-Teuri-Yagishiri Quasi-National Park, this coastal area is some 20km south of Mashike on Route 231 (until its construction in 1992, the only access was by ship). Until the 1980s, Ofuyu Coast (雄冬海岸) was called as…

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Mashike Historic Buildings

Mashike (増毛) is Rumoi Region’s most historic town with fine stone and wooden buildings around the old train station. During the mid Edo to early Showa periods, this town boomed as a herring fishing. It is now a sleepy port…

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Rumoi ‘Golden’ Beach and Cape

More or less halfway on the Ororon Line between Otaru and Wakkanai along the Sea of Japan, the region’s small capital of Rumoi (留萌) was once herring fishing and colliery town. Today there is not a special detour but it…

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