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Asahikawa Art and Craft Galleries

Hokkaido Asahikawa Museum of Art (北海道立旭川美術館) Located on the west side of Tokiwa Park, Northern Hokkaido’s best art museum has a collection of paintings and wood crafts created by local artists. The museum volunteers operate a cafe and a souvenir…

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Parks and Gardens in Asahikawa

Kaimono Koen Japan’s first pedestrian street (developed in 1972) heading north from the train station, Kaimono Koen (買物公園) is lined with shopping malls, restaurants and cafes, as well as a hundred of bronze sculptures. Near the north end of the…

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Asahikawa Sake Breweries

Asahikawa is famous for its sake brewing. You will find several sake breweries around the city. Takasago Sake Brewery (高砂酒造) This century-old classical brewery makes sake and they offer tastings amid sakagura (Japanese storehouse) from 1909. Guided brewery tours are…

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