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Safe Travel & Consulates, Hokkaido
Hokkaido is one of safest region in Japan for foreign tourists. Photography is relatively free with the exception of the department stores and some shopping malls. Some rare risks are related to road safety, blizzard, natural disaster and brown bear.

Rare Risks
Road Safety
Hokkaido's roads are in good condition, but note to speeding, run out of fuel, accidencial contact with wild animals (especially big dears). Winter driving requires special attention: slippery road with ice, blurry vision caused by blizzard and snow drifting, get stuck in the snow and so on. If you have never experienced winter driving in Hokkaido or northern countries, avoid long-distance driving in icy road or when snowstorm as much as possible. Japan Automobile Federation: www.jaf.or.jp/e/
From December to Early March, you might be encoutering blizzard (snowstorm or whiteout) while traveling. Public transport are often delayed and suspended, regional roads will be closed to traffic. Take into account when travel planning.
Brown Bear
Hokkaido main island is home to big wild brown bears (higuma). If you walk through the mountains between spring and autumn (especially early morning and evening), speak in a loud voice (Ya! etc.) or tie the small bear bells (熊避けの鈴: kuma-yoke no suzu) to your waist belt or bag.

Consulates in Sapporo
Australian Constlate 在札幌オーストラリア領事館
Inside Sapporo Center building 17th floor. Services are appointment only.
Address: N5S6 directly opposite the Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo
9:00 - 17:00 Tue & The
Consulate General of the People's Republic of China 中華人民共和国駐札幌総領事館
15 minutes west from Nissen 14 tram stop, or take bus from Sapporo Station to Keimei Terminal.
Address: S13W23 near Keimei Bus Terminal
Visa application 9:30 - 12:30 weekday except Chinese holiday
Consulate General of the Republic of Korea 駐札幌大韓民国総領事館
North side of Nishi juitchome subway station.
Address: N2W12 opposite Sapporo Odori High School
Visa application 9:00 - 11:30 & 13:00 - 16:00 weekday except Korean holiday
Consulate General of the Russian Federation 在札幌ロシア連邦総領事館
7 minutes east from Nissen 14 tram stop, walk the Yonesato Gyokei Street and turn right at the S14W11 intersection. Police officer stands in front of the entrance gate. There is also a Hakodate branch.
Address: S14W12
Visa application 14:00 - 16:00 weekday except Russian holidays
Consulate General of the United States 在札幌アメリカ総領事館
5 minutes west from Maruyama koen subway station. Services are appointment only.
Address: N14W28, Maruyama Park east side

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